Old 60's Bedford bus
2016 Double Decker
Bus diagnosis

Bus diagnosis

RITCHIES have a long history of investing in their VEHICLE fleet

This is defined by a need to constantly upgrade to meet and exceed ongoing market expectations. As a privately owned company we have spent over $180m on new vehicles in the past 5 years, these range from double decker buses and luxury coaches to vans and cars for special needs requirements. Our senior management team regularly attend bus conferences and make site visits to manufacturer’s facilities throughout the world to understand the latest technology available and consider how best to apply this to our operations in New Zealand. This has helped us build good working relationships with the key bus manufacturers, both in New Zealand and overseas, encouraging them to develop their products to suit our operating environments. At the same time insisting on better reliability and efficiency so we can continue to decrease our environmental footprint in tune with the world leading European standards.

Experience has shown, well designed and maintained modern vehicles help retain staff, easier to drive vehicles significantly reduice fatigue. An example of this is that since 2011 we have been building new school buses on truck chassis which are easier for our predominantly older school bus drivers. They have car-like driving characteristics with well laid out, easy to reach controls. These very practical vehicles are safer for our staff, more enjoyable to drive and less tiring. The obvious benefit of this is now drivers are happy to extend their driving careers.

Excellent maintenance systems are the key to fleet ‘health’. Particularly with the complexity of modern vehicles that must be fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. All our depots have large fastidiously maintained workshops where our vehicle fleets are continually monitored and maintained to a high standard. To do this work throughout the country, we employ a small army of skilled staff capable of working with an increasingly complex fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles. Part of our ongoing investment into this team of specialists is an apprenticeship scheme and ongoing training, that has seen a number our mechanics rise through the ranks to Workshop Foreman and Manager level.

Across New Zealand Ritchies have a fleet of over 1500 immaculately maintained and presented vehicles. The vehicle types within this fleet cover every possible transport need. Below you will see the range of capacity and capability of our fleet. When deciding the vehicle you require for your job contact your local Depot Manager, they will ensure you get the right vehicle for the job, no matter how big or small.