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Ritchies is a New Zealand transportation leader. We constantly find ourselves in the news with new developments and our association with high profile groups and organisations. This news page will give you some insight into what's been happening around the Ritchies camp.

John Ayoub in Dunedin with the Americas Cup

John Ayoub in Dunedin with the Americas Cup

The new Ritchies All Black coach taking shape

The new Ritchies All Black coach taking shape

One of the three Brown Kiwi chicks that have hatched at the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park

One of the three Brown Kiwi chicks that have hatched at the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park

Ritchies Kiwi bird egg transport


13 July 2017
The Americas Cup has made it back to New Zealand and now Dunedin.

In the middle of a snow storm Ritchies were there to pick up the Americas Cup and the successful Team Emirates New Zealand crew for the parade through Dunedin. John Ayoub, our Dunedin Manager says "They loved 561, nice and warm, so good to see the new air conditioning and heaters are doing the job". Congratulations Team New Zealand, its good to see all those years of hard work, kiwi expertise and determination bring the cup back to New Zealand. We can't wait to see what innovations the next cup challenge in Auckland will bring.



Ritchies new coach for the All Blacks is taking shape and looking very impressive

Ritchies new coach for the All Blacks is taking shape and looking very impressive



Ritchies in Rotorua are doing their bit in the battle to save our iconic native bird. During the 90’s researchers noticed that almost all kiwi chicks in the wild were being killed by stoats, while the adults were surviving.

On the 12 September a small number of Brown Kiwi eggs that had been gathered from the forest near Wellington by the Rimutuka Forest Park Trust were transferred by Air New Zealand and Ritchies to Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park for safe incubation and hatching.

Once hatched the birds are moved to a predator free environment for six months at which point they are able to fend for themselves and are returned to the forest.

The eggs were located by volunteers of the Rimutaka Forest Park Trust and transferred to insulated containers (heated chilly bins). From here they were placed on a plane to Rotorua, Ritchies Rotorua picked up the carers and their cargo at the airport and transferred them to the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park facility.

"If they were left in the wild these chicks would only have a five percent chance of surviving to adult birds," says Toni Thompson from the National Kiwi Trust. "Doing what we do here and looking after them for a while, their survival rates increase to sixty or seventy percent."

The great news is, at the time of writing 3 of the eggs have hatched. This ongoing program promises a better future for our national bird.

Left: Early morning transfer of Kiwi bird eggs by Ritchies to Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park facility


Thank you card to Ritchies Timaru bus drivers from Rachel Hornsey, 7 February 2016-3.jpg

being kind and helpful is part of the job - but it is a bonus to get recognition and feedback for these everyday acts

This postcard was received by the Ritchies team in Timaru, what happened here is probably very common, however it makes everything worthwhile when you get feedback, a postcard like this is quite special to anyone who drives a bus every day.

Sometimes it's easy to forget what may seem to be an ordinary event on a bus trip is often a very big deal to a passenger, whether it is physical help, a smile, giving some information or just being patient, these acts mean a lot to the public.

If you are part of the Ritchies team and drive a bus, give yourself a pat on the back, we all know this goes on everyday and more often than not, isn't acknowledged.

Left: Well done Ritchies Timaru, it's great to be appreciated


Ritchies help put a spark into the lives of kids

The Vodaphone Warriors visited Kaitaia to support the local skids and Ritchies was a major sponsor.

The Warriors have started an ongoing mentoring program that includes Kaitaia school children, they kicked it off with a sports day. They will be be staying in touch with selected kids who live and study in trying conditions.

Right: The video puts a bit of perspective on how working together, we can all make a difference

Ritchies and Auckland Zoo give kids a day they will aways remember

Thousands of students from low decile schools in Auckland and Northland are reaping the benefits of The Warehouse School Zoofari, an innovative conservation education programme being offered through a partnership between Auckland Zoo, Ritchies and The Warehouse.

Left: The smiles say it all!